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N. A sweetener created by repeatedly processing corn starch into strange molecules. Difficult to digest and burn off. Is widely believed to be a lead contributer to America's obesity epidemic.
Everything at McDonalds except the coffee contains High Fructose Corn Syrup.
#hfcs #sugar #sweetener #food #obesity
by Mr. Aaron October 03, 2005
Adj. Describes something that is both stupid and funny at the same time.
When Brandon skateboarded into the road and got hit by a taxi, it was stupidfunny.
#stupid #funny #retarded #dumb #smart
by Mr. Aaron October 03, 2005
N. A general term for a heart attack, stroke, or similar episode.
Call the paramedics! We've got some sort of jiggly!
#heart attack #stroke #episode #freak out #black out
by Mr. Aaron October 03, 2005
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