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Kettle face-The Results of a kettle attack. The Face is so battered it resembles the print of a kettle.

Youve been kettled.
He was smacked with that kettle, hes got a kettle face.
#kettle #face #kettle face #kettleface #kettlefaced
by Mr-Simmas August 21, 2009
A skip licker is a person of below average intelligence and bodily hygiene. Possible traits of a skip licker is greasiness of the hair and a munted face.
She licks skips the skip licker.
#skip #skips #licker #skip licker #skiplicker
by Mr-Simmas August 21, 2009
A chimp bandit is a person who steals chimps/apes/monkeys and eventually falls in love with the anthropod. And/or eats the chimp afterwards.
I swear I saw a monkey in his pocket, he is a chimp bandit.
#chimps #apes #monkeys #chimp bandit #bandit
by Mr-Simmas August 21, 2009
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