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A partaking in all things man, with male friends (aka "Bros"). Wilderness feast must take place in a forest or woods of some type in which the "bros" proceed to hunt and live off the land. All that is taken to wilderness feast is hunting equipment, sleeping gear, and your manhood. Games are included in Wilderness Feast such as Javelin throw, tree shimmying, archery contests, and general feats of masculinity. One essentially lives, eats, and shits like the ancients. Points are also awarded to those displaying ungodly amounts of man in compensation for prized "bro titles". (Ex. Most small game slain=Bushwacker). One goes into Wilderness feast a man and comes out Les Stroud.
-Bro! I just landed like 50 fish at Wilderness Feast, I'll get "Master Baiter" for sure!
by Mr wolfen May 31, 2011

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