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A movement pioneeried by JF. To be das flirt, one has to become one with the art of flirting and introduce it into everyday conversations with women. Once your flirting has become noticed by most of your peers you have achived the status of "das flirt" and may begin even more outrageuos flirting.
Female: "Hi Jay I have just has my dinner yet I am still hungry"

JF: "You can nibble on my finger if you want"
by Mr T March 24, 2005
Invented when one D Hunt decided to pull a super bagmington serve and instead hit himself in the head with his own racket. His attempt to showboat failed and was term by us as a "rowboating" incedent. Ever since anything that has happened to one of us that was inteaded as a showboating exercise that failed has been termed as rowboating.
You go to hit a super serve and instead smash the racket around the back of your head resulting in hailarity for all.
by Mr T March 24, 2005
The only word that people can come up with when asked what word rhymes with "Orange".
What does Orange rhyme with?
Erm... I dunno... Porange?
by Mr T August 05, 2004
A cuss word used by Cantonese chinese people to discriminate on a female, Meaning; (Fat Bitch)
'You can have the rest of my food you, Far Por'

'you look like a, Far Por'
by Mr T April 12, 2004
Like verbal diorrhia is the uncontrolable crap that comes from peoples mouths
person 1:Did you know that there are 29 million types of tree in brazil?

person 2:Stop talking verbidge!!!!
by Mr T January 27, 2005
YO sun that shit is sweaty, to make fun of something (glaswegian)
that game is too sweaty just like adam hunter ,
by mr t April 21, 2005
Your friend's penis.
She's so ugly, I wouldn't touch her with yours!
by Mr T August 04, 2004

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