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An overweight person.
I'm sick of being horizontally challenged, it's time to get a gym membership around here!
by Mr Natural June 07, 2007
Used to describe a method of test taking. Synonymous with an essay test, blue book tests are preferred less often than Scantron testing, which are simply multiple choice bubble fill-in.

Advantages: Blue book testing allows one to insert valuable test material into its pages prior to the exam. Therefore, allowing the student to refer back to their "notes" during the test; a popular method among math and science majors in which equations and formulas must be remembered.

Disadvantages: Cheating on blue book exams are inferior to Scantron testing, since answers must be written in your own words, rather than simply copied from your neighbor and bubbled in.
Professor: "Don't forget to pick up a blue book before your exam!"

Student: "Great! Another blue book exam, now I have to copy my whole notes into the back pages before the test!"

Student 2: "Now I can't look at the guy's Scantron test in front of me!"
by Mr Natural June 07, 2007
The feeling someone gets after seeing someone else with a superior body.
Michael is very self-conscious about his physique, he suffers from a sever case of bod envy, especially when he's at the beach.
by Mr Natural May 16, 2007
Something that only a cat can do, but what a man attempts to do, such as fall from a roof on their back and land on their feet.
"He just attempted a catmando! Too bad he broke his legs on that fall!"
by Mr Natural May 15, 2007
Used to describe one with an affinity for sunless tanning or consistent trips to the tanning salon. Often referred to as fake bake, an orange glo is easily spotted amongst the average population by their abnormal skin coloring.
"Oh she's definitely an orange glo. Just look at the way her skin streaks with uneven color!"
by Mr Natural June 07, 2007
The "language" that one hears when passing by a homeless member of society. Acquired over time, bum speak leads one to gradually speak to oneself, resulting in a language that cannot be easily understood by the general public. Sometimes accompanied by homeless banter, or your average mumble jumble, bum speak can not always be ignored since it is often coupled with random bursts of excessive vocal volumes.

Note: Bum speak can most easily be compared to the voices most famously characterized by the adults in the popular comic of Peanuts and Charlie Brown, such as the classroom teacher.
Chris: "You hear that guy back there? I couldn't understand one word he was saying as he was sitting on that bench!"
Jeff: "That, my friend, is what you call bum speak. No one understands!"
by Mr Natural June 07, 2007
The process of either males or females checking out their own sex within the locker room or changing room of a gym or fitness center.

Purpose: to check out other people's physical features, which makes oneself either feel better or worse about their own body.
I hate changing at the gym, I feel as though everyone is just bod scoping me up and down!

by Mr Natural May 16, 2007
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