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2 definitions by Mr McGoobie

A description of someone who is really hip-hop and totally hot on the street. This can be someone who is a really hard gangster. If you are really pop you don't need to worry about paying for a bus because you get on free.
Derick: Yo yo yo mate, how are you?
Hard Harrold: Orite man, i am great. Im really pop right now, you know?
Derick: Oh cool you must get free public transport then?
Hard Harrold: Stop it little Derick.
by Mr McGoobie November 12, 2009
13 2
When you feel really happy about bellys and land a little poop.
Sam: Ah hello Angus, how are you today?
Angus: Hey Sam, oh dear I'm not too good I have a really bad poopy belly.
Sam: Most unfortunate.
by Mr McGoobie November 12, 2009
10 1