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When something is so amazingly awesome that no other word could possibly describe it other than this...
Stoner Surfie 1: Woahh dude, that wave was fuckin' gnarly....

Stoner Surfie 2: No dude, no (shakes head)... It was freakin monumentus!!!

Stoner Surfie 1: Duuuude, up high (they both high five and fall over under the stuper of their junked-up frenzy...)
by Mr Junty September 29, 2009
Where someone gets fucked in every hole in their body at the same time.
Last nite after i mguntyed a slut she got her friends to give me a mfunty
by Mr Junty May 09, 2004
A mactree is a clit tree (created by a mgack)
Last nite i did a mgack, then mguntyed the mactree
by Mr Junty May 09, 2004
Where after you mgunty someone, you vomit into the ground and grow a clit tree.
Last night i did a mgack
by Mr Junty May 09, 2004
Japaneseb sex goddesses that attach chains to eachothers clits, feed it through thier arse, out thier mouth and get jollies..
nisha mkoonced tiff last night
by Mr Junty June 20, 2004
A mgerk is a green salty penis just like a gherkin. One gets a mgerk after mguntying a macktree.
Last nite i mguntyed a mactree so now i have a mgerk.
by Mr Junty May 09, 2004
To pull out someones clit, pop it with a pin an drink all the orgasm out of their body. After a mgunty the person can never have sex again otherwise their stomach will explode
I just gave your mum a mgunty
by Mr Junty May 06, 2004

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