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an exclaimation appropriate for when something amazing and unexpected happens and there are kids present.
Snapadoodledoo! did you see that?
by mr g August 15, 2004
wasgwanning = whats going on
wasgwanning in der ma brada ?
by mr g February 13, 2005
the art of two men sticking there penis in each others anuses at the same. Man scissoring would be a ignorant way of explaining it, the bozard was giving the name from a German individual that thought the homosexual act needed a better, more intelligent name for this beautiful act of homosexuality.
Hey pete, me and brad did the bozard last night and it was phenomenal.

me and aj did the bozard last night and, never do it with a hairy man, we got stuck together before we even had intercourse.

hey jannet, i cought shane and robbie doing the bozard, i guess robbie is'nt a virgin anymore
by mr G September 25, 2014
My annoying class that i'm taking this semester.
it is the worst course ever
by Mr G January 26, 2005
The homosexual's bat. It thinks it's a proper bat, but it's not really.
Oh, hello, could you pass me my baton please? (Doesn't quite work does it)
by Mr G January 26, 2005
to feel breasts for prolonged period of time
Man, im tired after all that grafting!
by Mr G January 19, 2004

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