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A person (usually female) that hs been subjected to lots of plastic surgery, liposuction, collagen injections, etc. 'Lipo' comes from the word 'liposuction'. 'Lizard' comes from the skin being very tight around the jaw and neckline, thus making the face look reptillian in nature. Also emphasis on over-inflated lips from collagen injections, adding to the reptillian (or amphibian) effect. Breast implants can also factor in the defintion.
"Hanging out at Nordstrom's, we saw some lipo-lizard, she looked like she had at least 20k worth of surgery done on her face....."

by Mr B Shamrocks November 26, 2006
1) A female with leathery skin, from too much time in tanning booths and/or plastic surgery (see "Lipo-Lizard")

2) A female with an obnoxious disposition, ie annoying, arrogant, talkative, etc.
"That chick Britney's skin looks like beef jerky. She's a real peppersteak"

"She's been mouthing off all night long...man, what a peppersteak"
by Mr B Shamrocks November 26, 2006
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