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Getting turned on by having quickie sex with a girl with tights and a skirt on. After ejaculating inside her pull the tights back up then when she is stood up, watch as the spunk trickles outta her cunt down her leg through her tights
I met this student girl in a nightclub, she was wearing purple tights and we fucked in an alley. I left her with Creamy Tights
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
When a person continually fucks up at the same thing in the same way so much so that the act of fucking it up becomes known as a Special. When a another person makes the same fuck up as the originator, that act can then be known as "Insert Originators Full Name" Special.
Insult to injury is added if originator is in same room when term is used on someone.
e.g of "Insert Persons Full Name" Special.

Alan & Dave driving to another town

Alan "Jimmy always get lost driving"

Dave "Now im fucking lost"

Alan "Yeah you done a Jimmy Smith Special"

Dave "Shit"
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
When a women has really bad thrush to the extent that it smell worse then a fish mongers shop
Dan "I nearly fucked Jenny last night"

Ben "Oh Yeah, what happened"

Dan "She pulled her panties down but it smelled so bad I nearly puked"

Ben "She sounds like a right Thrush Monger"
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
Derived from Dutch Oven, When 2 or more attractive women sit on a man's body and break wind on him. The more attractive the women and more vibrations felt from the farts the greater the arousal of the male.
Before we start our orgy we all partake in a Dutch Bath
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009
Slang for "Dont Believe Ya" or "Get outta Here" or "Never gonna happen"
Steve "Liverpool are gonna win the Premier League this year"

John "Ya Dad's Balls"
by Mr Aviva March 18, 2009

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