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Hairy female genitalia that look more like a critter than a clitoris. A bushy, unshaven beaver.

Dude, I was going to perform cunnilingus on my new girlfriend, but her hairy critteris scared me away.
by Mr Swipe August 15, 2007
A krust of smegma located in the inner labial region of female genitalia. Odor similar to gorgonzola cheese, can be white or yellow in appearance, and has krusty edges. Usually occurs in women with very big labia, or those who don't wash their genitals thoroughly. Similar to a Kritoris but located in the inner labia area.

I was going to perofrm cunninglingus on my new girlfriend until I realised her vagina smelled of aged cheese and she had bad crumbly Krabia. I ran away as fast as I could.
by Mr Swipe August 13, 2007
Someone who's so fugly you wouldn't be seen dead with them in public, but they're ok to fuck occasionally as long as you put a paper bag over their head. Also known as Fugbuddy.
Dude, that bitch is so fugly I wouldn't be caught dead with her, but she makes a good Fug Buddy if no one else is available.
by Mr Swipe August 20, 2007
When trolls on internet messageboards and forums wage warfare against each other, and usually involves increase of aggression from the "war of words" between forum members, to full-scale guerilla-troll tactics, waged until one troll accepts defeat and deletes their account, usually to reincarnate under another user name. Trollfare between groups, forums and messageboards, requires a degree of planning and application of trolling strategy to be conducted effectively in reaching their assumed objectives and goals.
OMG, the trolls on makeupalley have reincarnated and gone head to head on beautybash and waged guerilla-tactic trollfare. Watch out GF, it's allout trollfare!! May the best troll win.
by Mr Swipe December 16, 2008
A krutt is a krusty butt. A male or female who had anal sex but didn't wash afterwards, leaving a krust of sperm and feces in the anal area.
I was going to have anal sex with George Michael until I realised he still had a Krutt from his last sexual encounter.
by Mr Swipe August 13, 2007
Someone who's so fugly it's like a terminal illness, there's no hope for them.
OMFG, some of the women on makeupalley.com suffer from serious Fuglius Majora, lulz. We need to send them ((((hugs)))) and prayers.
by Mr Swipe September 06, 2007
A group of women who obsess about fragrance 24/7 on internet message boards like makeupalley.com. For most of them it's become an obsessive compulsive disorder and they'll wax lyrically over the top notes of feces, middle notes of urine, and a base note of vomit found in a bottle of Serge Lutens. Their behavior is bordering on retarded, hence FragTard.
The frag hags on MUA are obsessed with perfume, what a bunch of psycho Fragtards.
by Mr Swipe August 20, 2007

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