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1. To wander in search of some form of merriment or pleasure.
2. To play around amorously; flirt
I want to galavant about the park with a hot blonde.
by MR May 23, 2004
Mister, with a slight russian accent.
squuzme mistr ken juu tell de fay tu de roosian embassi?
by mr March 12, 2004
The improper plural form of the word calamari. This is used primary by the French-Lebanese man unfamiliar with the English language.
Improper - Calamaris are yummy!
Proper - Calamari is yummy!
by MR May 07, 2003
When something is put off until the next day indefinatly, it will never get accomplished.
If discussion of a George Orwell novel is put off until tomorrow everyday, it will never get discussed, hence the Orwell Dilemma.
by MR May 23, 2004
A common white trash greeting similar to saying "good day to you kind sir"
Mooliepetcunt there Tugboat, have a frosty PBR.
by MR January 05, 2005
the stuff that hangs out of ur pants if ur cool
guys sag their pants to show their underwear
by MR August 01, 2003
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