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2 definitions by Moyoya

The greatest thing to ever happen to KFC.

Consists of a layer of mashed potatoes, corn, fried chicken bites, and cheese.
MOM: Okay, honey, what do you want for dinner?

ME: KFC mashed potato bowl.

DAD: Come on, can't we go out to eat for once??!
by Moyoya July 07, 2006
1. A giant, living fireball that appeared once in Super Mario Bros. 2. When angered it will spew small fireballs at Mario. It appears at the end of world 4, which strangely enough consists of ice and snow.

2. The coolest troll mage in all of Kargath.
1. You can only hurt Fryguy with a mushroom block.

2. Woah, dude, what just hit me with his fiery wrath of Warsong doom?

It must have been Fryguy!
by Moyoya July 07, 2006