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Australia. A place I love and adore. And miss a great deal after having been away from my great country for almost 3 years. I live in Seattle, USA, and can see the contrast between this country and my own: Australians are the most relaxed, laid back people in the world. Nothing phases an Australian and there are times I wish Americans would take a deep breath and relax, and perhaps realize being friendly will get you so much more in life than being selfish. Granted, Johnnie Howard seems to play the game of "Bush Says" a little too often, but there's not the sense of paranoia that exists here. Having grown up in Australia too, I live for the beach and summer. Give me 40C days, I'm in heaven. And of course... Vegemite toast, my favourite food.
Australia: sunshine, the beach, my home.
by MovingOn November 20, 2005
Adelaide is a pretty but very small, isolated city in South Australia. I grew up there, and while it's certainly not a bad place to live, the people there have small minds and "getting away" to them means driving to Salisbury. The UniSA campus is a "trek". Living now in the USA, it only gets easier to criticize the place. Our stores shut at 5pm, and, with the exception of our 1 mall... Rundle Mall, aren't open at all on Sundays. Open 24-hours stores? Uh, no... we just got electricty last month. Don't let this concept of "progress" get out of control. We can't modernize too rarpidly. Honestly, I think 10 years ago we were on par with other OZ cities, but now, we're going backwards. And fast.
Our department store, David Jones only had 3 of a particular makeup compact I wanted. The Chanel Corramandels. Yes, we had to order it in. I get back to the states and the product isn't even being sold in Adelaide anymore, and there are 7 just sitting in the rack at Sephora.
by MovingOn November 20, 2005

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