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4 definitions by MothMan

Acronym shortened from URBANEX meaning Urban Exploration. The URBEX adventure is enthralling, addictive, and oft misunderstood.
URBEX gives me that rush I refuse to live without.
by MothMan February 18, 2004
Term denoting Urban Exploration. Used as both a noun and a verb. The idea of urban adventure is also expressed via URBEX and URBANEX.
Let's UE the derelict old warehouse on Fifth Street tonight.

I'm acquainted with the tenets of UE. Today, I document for posterity what will vanish tomorrow.
by MothMan February 18, 2004
Acronym for URBAN EXploration. The term URBANEX is synonymous with urban adventure and exploration.
My friends and I enjoy URBANEX over the weekend.
by MothMan February 18, 2004
Furry Mammoth Dildo
Pil Shoved The FMD Up Dethlords Ass.
by Mothman April 03, 2003