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Fat boys or guys often think that they will end up alone…due to low self-esteem / confidence...so when they do get their first girl friend they go head over heels for them. Know depending on the guy he may end up being a control freak etc. but they will rarely try to leave the relationship. No matter how much they know on the inside that the girl is not the one...They are worried, much like skinny people, admittedly; that they will not find a significant other. Due to this they prolong their relationship sometimes past a healthy point. Know the diff btw a fat boy & a skinny boy is that the fat guys’ focus is on being fat - the reason he will not find another person.... Where the skinny guy just doesn't know if something better/hotter is out there. The fat guy will also often think about marriage a lot earlier then the skinny dudes because he doesn't want to be alone...However if the fat guy just realizes that he can do better & get over the illusion of the "brick wall" (sometimes created inside of his own head often added to by his girl) the fatty would realize that he can do better...once they are over this part they will often break up with the chick & move on to happier things...
On a side note the fat boy will often fall in the love with every chick he sees & will fantasize about being with them they may also lower their standards in the mates they try to find.
~I maybe fat, but your ugly, & I can lose weight!
Want more? Wiki : "Fat Boy Complex"
He refuses to break up with her because he has the fat boy complex (fbc)...

She treats him like crap because she knows he has the fat boy complex (fbc)...

He wants to marry every chick he sees because he has the fat boy complex (fbc)...
by Morpheus_MM November 11, 2010

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