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A genre of music pretending to be punk but isnt. A type of "poseur" punk that frequents skater hang-outs and skate parks. For real punk see: Bad Religion
Good-Charoltte, Simple Plan, Blink-182
All skater pop, not real punk.
by MoronicDEMON May 06, 2004
My log-in handle since i was like 12.
If ever you do something incredibly stupid and foolish and you have to laugh about it later and call yourself a moron you were probably being watched over by one of my minions. Don't worry we wont hurt you. Our powers extend only to the power of making you trip and what not. Not causing fatal car accidnets... we are mischievious... not malicious
I am the MoronicDEMON
by MoronicDEMON May 06, 2004
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