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Definately one of the undisputed favorites in third wave ska today. Dispite the band's supposed issues with Catch 22, Tomas Kalnoky writes most of their songs, many seeming very similar to that of Catch 22's "Keasby Nights". Everything they have released to date has seen rave reviews by critics well versed in the genre and even some that aren't. As of right now they have two albums released, a complete cover of "Keasby Nights" being one of them. "Everything Went Numb" was the first album released and wasted no time at all placing the band on the top of today's ska genre. I personally recommend anything with the name on it...
"When they come for me I'll be sitting at my desk with a gun in my hand wearing a bulletproof vest singing my my my how the time does fly when you know you're gonna die by the end of night say hey!"-Streetlight Manifesto
by MorganCaptaintheFirst April 12, 2006

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