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A metaphorical location referring to the act of anal sex. Quite simply, this is the back door version of Pound Town.
It's always a bonus when a trip to Pound Town includes a side-stop at Pound Town Brown.

She's so fine, I wanna take her to Pound Town Brown.
by Morgan Martin September 25, 2008
An alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka (preferably mid- to low-grade), Mountain Dew Code Red, and lots of ice. It's name is coined from the Russian submarine (vodka), the drink's coloration (red), and the icy waters of the North Atlantic through which the fictional sub fled (ice). The best thing about this drink is that no matter how strong you make it, it is nearly impossible to taste the vodka, which leads to another parallel: the difficulty in detecting the vodka in the drink matches the difficulty of detecting the sub on radar.

Imbibers of this drink are commonly known to refresh the vodka contents repeatedly without adding more mixer, leading to a continual increase in the beverage's potency (and drinker's inebriation). The caffiene content of the Mountain Dew also creates a red-bull like energy burst which can propell even the most blacked-out soul through hours of forgotten misdeeds.
I don't exactly remember anything that happened last night. We were drinking Red Octobers.

I've been drinking this same Red October for an hour, but I've gone through half of 5th of Smirnoff!
by Morgan Martin January 11, 2008

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