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a cheap Chinese-made mp3 player , sometimes called an mp4 player or s1mp3 player, that is sometimes made to look like a real iPOD but more often than not doesn't resemble an iPOD. These players are often given arbitrary names and feature no tech support, legible manual, or support for newer file formats, but the basic internal hardware and software is the same for almost every chipod...

They can often be had for a fraction of the price of a similar iPOD, and feature built in FM radio, text reader, video player, voice recorder, picture viewer, and games....
What people don't realize also is that real iPODs aren't made in Buckinham palace or the freakin' Louvre...Apple makes all ipods in china...the only thing you are paying for is Apple's marketing budget.
I paid $45 for a video chiPOD that has a lot more features and is a quarter the price of a real iPOD Nano. Suckers!
by moregasm June 14, 2007
The word Iliana uses to describe her stupid vagina
I'm sweating all up in my V zone
by Moregasm July 04, 2013

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