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A name to decribe a girl who you think is sorta a bookworm, kinda cute in a mousey kind of way, and ideally wears glasses. use it in situations that cause seperation anxiety or just whenever to let somebody know you care about them. Always to be used in a affectionate manner, it is a petname like honey, sugar, cupcake, baby, etc.
Person 1:(calls person 2)
Person 2: Hello?
Person 1: Heya Jitter Bug, I miss you.
Person 2: Awwwwwwwwwwww, your the best too!
#jittah bug #friend #petname #love #nice #clean #thoughtful
by Mopithytumryh October 30, 2008
Jitter Bug is a another nickname for molly, created with the sole purpose of providing a relief from uninventive nicknames such a mollz, mollister, mollanator,mole girl, or zipkin.
Tim: Hey, have you seen Jitter Bug today?

Stephen: Nah, shes probably out getting lost in the woods again.

Tim: haha well she is the ultimate example of a helplessly useless barbie girl.
#nicknames #molly #jitterbug #colorado #college #mollie
by Mopithytumryh October 28, 2008
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