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MOOSH is an official key word that Olga Kay uses in her show on youtube
The world is originated from her cat named MUSHKA.

NOTE: This word no longer means vagina. In actual fact, it never meant vagina.

Moosh can be used in a variety of ways. To sign off her videos, Olga makes the 'Moosh Face', which involves making your hands into a 'V' shape, placing them under your chin and saying 'Moosh!'.

NOTE: The Moosh face does not symbolise a vagina
Person 1: I moosh you!
Person 2: Did you just say you vagina me?
Person 1: What the moosh did you just say, you moosh bag?
Person 2: *chuckling* I am certainly not a vagina bag.
*Person 1 pulls out a shotgun and shoots Person 2's smug self-righteous face off*
Person 1: Moosh! Bye
by MooshExtremist March 23, 2013

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