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Good to see so much support for such an awesome band. All you manufactured pop music faggots take your heads out of your advertising and popularity concerts and listen to rage in music. Also check out lamb of god
"Killswitch rocked download 2005! Again next year?"
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
Not only one of the greatest metal bands of all time, but also the name of Deep Purple's (one of the founding fathers of metal) greatest album. This name is synonymous with heavy music. And so it should be.
"Davidian kicked ass, Machine head are great."
"I just cant get over how cool Machine Head sounds 20 years on."
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
Lamb of God are good. Full stop. End. That should be enough. But I see atleast 2 complete and total anal bacteria who have a problem with the band. Firstly, anyone who describes them as a pop band has serious reality issues. N-sync are a pop band. Lamb of God play their own instruments, write their own music and scream their own lyrics. And these lyrics are lyrics that have to be screamed "show me how it hurts to rot from the inside out," so forget about singing them. If you want to listen to a great metal band, download 'Vigil'. If you want to whine and complain because you cant do any better, put the shotgun in your mouth now.
"Lamb of God blew the fuck out of download 2005! Back next year?"
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
1: A cross between mini and tiny that i discovered due to random dyslexia.
2: Someone saying "my knee" quickly.
3: Sex between two male dolphins
4: Anything that belongs to the person quoting miny.
1: "Your brain is so small, it's miny."
2: "Ahcrapijushitminy"
3: "Miny is just wrong."
4: "One smirnoff left."
by Moose Lord July 09, 2005
Correction, a chally boy is a boy that goes to challoners. Just cos they have an I.Q higher than their age (unlike the fucktards who started this entry) they get picked on. They are not rich, just smart. Plus we dont need to meet girls at school, thats what partays r for. Stupid kevs.
"Just cos those chally boys are smarter than you, you feel threatened."
by Moose Lord June 27, 2005
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