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3 definitions by Moondust

Easily sucked into the Abyss of their own Profane Madness, they are delicate, feeble, and power-hungry savages that live only to breed and to pass on their pathetic genes to the next generation in order to ensure their own existence.
by Moondust August 12, 2003
122 28
graphic novels, not mango, this guy in a bookstore thought i was talking about mango once
I want some manga for lunch. (NO NO)
by Moondust August 14, 2003
183 160
It is the self-realixation that one exist in a meaningless life, and that all lives ultimately lead to the same conclusion, death. It doesn't mattter how you live, because in the end, you will be no different that anyone else.
"We do not do what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are -- that is the fact."
by Moondust August 14, 2003
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