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108 definitions by MoonKnight

Already Been Chewed gum.
I don't want ABC gum!
by MoonKnight November 30, 2002
Byproduct of the word "dizzidydog" which was formed through the act of adding "izzity" to words.
What up, deputy dog?
Nor much, houses.
by MoonKnight November 29, 2002
To accidentally st-st-st-stutter whilst talking to someone. Only applies to those who do not have a stutter.
1> No, hey, du-du-du-dude..
2> Haha you pulled an Ozzy!
by MoonKnight March 14, 2003
Similar to holmes, just a more humorous way of saying it. Holmes sounds like homes; houses is also plural form of home.
1> Sup, Holmes, what's crackalating?
2> Not much, Houses.
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
The phenomenon that everyone is connected to everyone in some way.
by MoonKnight March 25, 2003
Person often seen on the Internet.
I saw your mom on the Internet.
by MoonKnight January 09, 2003