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Used when dealing with poker (and possibly other forms of gambling), usually involving stakes. Occurs when a staked player effectively "takes the money and runs". This occurs in one of two forms and is considered stealing:

1. The player spends the staked money on something other than what it was meant for (playing roulette when you were staked to play poker or simply spending it on hookers and blow).
2. The player plays the prescribed game, wins some amount of money, and keeps all the money for themself without paying the agreed backer's cut to their staker.
1. Man, I really trusted him. I staked him $10k to play in the world series of poker and he completely rolled on me. He spent all the money shooting craps with T.J. Cloutier.

2. That guy totally rolled on the stake. He played the poker tournament, won $1 million, and I never heard from him again. He owes me about $500k!
by MoonHat June 24, 2009

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