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1 definition by Moofinz

Asian person who doesnt try in school and enjoys cwalking. He adores Mukipz liek there be no tommorow.
The way he wins battles is to spam his opponents endlessly until they give up from either being pissed off to death or annoyed.
He's a prodigy with an astounding 57% in Science.
He is apparently capable of a 1 hour freeze, but the most that has been recorded is about 2 seconds.
His one 'loss' was to an extremely horrible,GIRL cwalker, who won because of her subs. He makes extremly rash decisions such as walking to Times Square for a meet-up then immediatly leaving again.
"no u"
"i herd u liek mudkips"
"K.L is short"
by Moofinz April 18, 2009