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A country with beautiful scenery, from the vast open moors, the dramatic mountains of the lake district, Wales and Scotland, the wonderful coastline dotted with hundreds of islands, the many accents and dialects and 3 languages.

There is also more than one city in Britain other than London, and many more cities, towns and villages that are spread right across the country.

We are also not all posh, some of us are common as shit.
American 1: Where are we going to go on vacation?

American 2: let's go to Britain

American 1: Do you mean London?

American 2: Where else? It's the only place I've heard of in Britain so it must be the only place there!

American 1: According to Google maps there's a place called York, its a long way out of London.

American 2: Probably just filled with Hobbits.
by Moo_Beast June 25, 2011

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