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Originated in the not so distant future amongst a few people. It is clearly a mixture of two words, which are: 'hug' and 'rape'. Therefore to be haped is being hug-raped,another form of being hugged so intensly that it's almost like the person is trying to rape their victim.

A firey hug that involves alot of pysical contact, and two of more people being close...
adrx:(grabs his m8 n hugs her tightly)

m8:bloody ell man dats abit tight for my likin'

adrx:shut up silly im hapeing u! :D
by MooMoo Land May 13, 2004
These are the people who arent afraid to wear earings in the chin and belly bars through their ear lobes,
who love to commute on large areas of grass with complete strangers and get stoned at times,
who wear over sized trousers that could fit the whole world in them... with chains included,
enjoy listening to something they see as music but clearly isn't and is jus a load of people screaming and head banging, and last but certainly not least i will say that despite saying all this i actually admire them, because no matter how much grief people give them for the individuality the ignore the comments and get on with life. We sould all take a leaf from their book!
townie: omg wat are u looking at freak, n whats with the chains n shit? (pushes the sweady)

sweady@ calmy walks away ignoring all signs of concern.

townie:OIIIII don't f**king ignore me u ignorant t@!

sweady@ (gives them the middle finger and totters away)
by MooMoo Land May 13, 2004

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