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5 definitions by Moo3y

Blind, Black-White supremacists, who all his life was told he was white. has made appearances on "Chappelle's Show".
Clayton Bigsby is gonna give a speech tonight about all the damn nigras, jews, homosexuals, mexicans, arabs, and all kinds of different chinks turning us good god fear'n white folks into a minority
by Moo3y May 04, 2005
431 136
what "california" has turned into. Everything is now banned there. BUT they still have Gay rights
I can't buy bullets from Commiefornia BUT i can buy a Double Headed Purple Prostate Pleaser!
by Moo3y March 29, 2005
299 69
Girl on the net with a BIG BEAUTIFUL ASS just google the name Rawcklin and you will see what i mean
Roxie has a ass like Rawcklin
by Moo3y May 04, 2005
71 16
Crtirion Referenced Compentency Test (CRCT) Stupid ass standerdized test that middle schoolers have to take to go to high school
Marky: Aw Damn nigga, we is gotta take da CRCT today
B-doe: Dat shit is so white
Marky: Child Boo
by Moo3y April 20, 2005
23 5
Retarded ass hick town with absolutely nothing to do except fuck animals. Very politacally corrupt with no jobs other then than the burger marts.
Dude, kmart is so charlton county
by Moo3y March 29, 2005
2 5