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A penis that gets erected over inanimate objects, especially bananas. Too quickly for its own good. It's stays in a manic state of vertical direction for up to two days.

This context of the word Minhaal derives from ancient Aztec tribes as the leader of the sexual pleasure sacrifices, in which the most prized Aztec mask would be masturbated over for several days.
Person 1: Ahhh, banana, sooth my sexual needs.
Person 2: Dude, what is THAT?
Person 1: My Minhaal. *Smiles provocatively*
by Monster_erection December 30, 2009
Kanye West.
Reporter: It was announced worldwide today that Kanye West will now be a synonym for the word Douche Bag because no other word describes him quite so exquisitely. He was a Douche to begin with but the Bag part was added when he made a complete twat out of himself by being a dick to Taylor Swift. Fuck you Kanye you total Douche Bag!

*Screams insanely in to camera*
by Monster_erection January 05, 2010
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