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1. A word used to describe anything of low quality/quantity or both.

2. Can also be used to alert someone that they have done something of sheer stupidity and need to be repramanded.
1A. You: You got dat pressura for the low?
Dealer: Yuah... (Hands Sack)
You: ...(pause)... Shay Butta sack selling bitch! (Pull out S&W 500 .50 cal magnum revolver w/ extended barrel.)
1B. You: Lemme git ah sweet tea for ah dolla.
Wac Arnolds Employee: Here you go.
You: (Taste Tea) Shay Butta Tea producing bitch! (Pull out S&W 500 .50 call magnum revolver w/ extended barrel.

2. You: You African butt scratching, booty licking, safari roaming, honky killing, nutsack vending school boy bitch!
Me: Why you hating man? I just hooked you up an extra 2Gs for free cus your straight.
You: (Pull out S&W 500 .50 cal magnum revolver w/ extended barrel)
Me: (Pull out UMP45 sub-machine gun w/ extended clip, laser sight, recoil control stock, and ACOG SWAT Scope.)
You: (No comment since you now have 3 clips with 32 rounds each in your body)
Me:......Shay Butta ass...
by MonsterDipper88guest July 04, 2009

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