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A sound that is not part of the original signal. Distortion can be a modification of the original signal (intermodulation distortion), or generating new signals that result from the interference of a combination of signals (harmonic distortion). Can be characterized as a roughness, fuzziness, harshness, or stridency in the music. There are many distortions that can be measured: IM (intermodulation distortion), harmonic distortion, and TIM (transient intermediation distortion).
Distortion can cause breakup, where the headphone can’t handle the power or the low frequencies, which causes sound to crack up.
by Monster Cable May 22, 2009
Realization of all low bass information from 250Hz down to 20hz.
Very few headphones can reproduce bass extension well because of the tiny diaphragm that needs to move a lot of air to create these frequencies.
by Monster Cable May 22, 2009
The audio frequencies between about 20Hz and 250Hz. New music with synthesized effects can be produce very powerful low notes, so reproduction in the 30 to 50hz region becomes important.
Flat response may not give very satisfying bass as the ear is less sensitive as the volume and frequency go down.
by Monster Cable May 22, 2009
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