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2 definitions by Monological

A game of chance or skill that involves the participants to consume alcohol usually with the intent to get drunk.
Drinking games can include board games (Risk, one shot of beer for every army lost), dice games (Craps, loser has to drink), skill (Beer pong, quarters), card games, movies (Drink every time someone says Fuck), and many other popular games or games and be made up on the spot.

"I'm bored and don't want to just drink and watch TV."

"Lets play a drinking game then!"
by Monological January 25, 2009
Madness cause when one has to urinate outside in the cold and is wearing 4 inches of clothing and only has 3 inches of penis to work with due to the sub-zero temperatures.

Common among males in the Arctic.
"I have to urinate so bad it hurts! But I can't find my willy in all these clothes." - Justin

"Calm down, your getting arctic madness."
- Dave
by Monological January 21, 2009