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The act of painting your partner green, then fisting them. Fisting may be either vaginal or anal. The person being fisted sings The Rainbow Connection.
Bob: How is your grandmother?

Ted: I walked in on her kermiting with the mailman. The Rainbow Connection will never sound the same again.
by monkeyspanker October 04, 2012
The act of prolapsing one's anus and roughly coating it with sand. If the prolapse is long enough, rub the sand up and down as if you are using it as lube to masturbate the prolapse with.
"Did you hear what happened to Jim last night?"
"No what happened?"
"His girlfriend gave him an Arabian Sock. He won't be sitting right for months."
by MonkeySpanker October 27, 2014
Stands for lesbian incestual munging
the acronym for two lesbians who are related to each other having incestful sex. Upon their death munging them is the final stage of this.
Andrew has two cousins who are lesbians, after they had incestual sex we killed them and then munged their corpses.
by Monkeyspanker March 07, 2005
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