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a)Cooking a raw lobster.
b)Beating the crap out of someone.
c)Cheating on your wife with a sea monster of some sort, then getting caught.
a) "Wow! Did you see how the master chef cooked the lobster?"
b) "Jim cooked the raw lobster on Billy after school yesterday. Billy got owned!
c) "Randy is such a retard...he cooked the raw lobster...I never knew sea monsters turned him on!"
by Monkeyman's Homeboy December 22, 2004
The elephant that comes to empty your trash every Tuesday...except when he's on vacation and is replaced with a trash badger.
"Dude, the Trash Elephant hasn't come to pick up our trash in 3 weeks! Time to take out the Trash Elephant gun! Wait! There he is now!'

"Please don't shoot me! i have a wife and 4 kids!" (Bam!) "Oh crap!"
by Monkeyman's Homeboy December 22, 2004

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