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When you eat a curry and have a crap the next day you wipe your ass and the poo smudges all around anus
I ate a chicken vindaloo last night and when I had a poo this morning I wiped my ass and had curry smudge.
by monkeypig November 14, 2010
the lines between the rolls of fat on an obese person, which sometimes accumulate foul smelling body odour. Can also be used to refer to the ugly stretch marks a female has on the gut after child birth.
oh my god look at the gut wrinkles on that fat chick, she should wear a moo moo to cover that up.
by monkeypig January 06, 2012
A wee little piggy with a curly tail and a keen nose for roffles, specially trained by roffle farmers to sniff out only the freshest, juiciest roffles on teh intarwebs.
"Jesus H Buddah, I'm bored off my tits today"

"Don't worry, I'll send my roffle pig out to find something to entertain you, he always knows where to find the best shit online."
by MonkeyPig July 30, 2009
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