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Not only an amazing boyfriend, but an amazing best friend. Can make a horrible day into an amazing one with just one smile towards you. His hugs make you feel like no one else in the world matters other than jordon and yourself in that moment. His kisses are as addicting as Oreos and milk duds and can make you dizzy and happier than ever, his hands yes, are also amazing and he knows it so does every other girl. He's cocky yet shy and knows how to make any girl fall for him which can be intimidating when your his girlfriend because you'll never want to lose him. ever. Watch out for his ex girlfriends because they'll try to break you two up if your going out with jordon because of the fact that the ex's are psycho. Oh and every other girl out there. He's just irresistible. And that's why I cherish every moment and am proud to have one of the most amazing jordons ever. I love you more than anything.
Who's your boyfriend?
Damn I wish I had a jordon minus the girls and psycho crazy ex girlfriends.
by Monkey2234 August 10, 2011

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