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1. A shelf for storing your items;

2. A huge pair of breasts, usually located on some women's chests.

3. Ranger Assault Carry Kit- a chest rig worn by US Army Rangers.
1. I never have enough racks to store my Soldier of Fortune magazines.

2. Gawd, that lady's rack is so meaty, one could shove a CD between them and lose it forever!

3. My RACK's got bullets and frags to spare.
by Monk of War June 04, 2005
1. Short for warthog, or any kind of pig.

2. Affectionate term for one's motorcycle, especially a Harley.

3. Unofficial name for the A-10A Thunderbolt II ground attack jet, becoz its HARD and butt ugly.

4. The Recon Vehicle in the game Halo.
1. Hogs are my distant brothers, all I need are tusks to dig out them grubs.

2. Ya like mah hawg, boy?

3. The Hogs never let us down in OIF... they tore up everything with iron bombs, CBUs and of course that big-ass 30mm cannon!

4. I've got the Hog, you're gonna be a speedbump!
by Monk of War May 30, 2005
To throw an object, usually a rock or coke can, at someone's head.
I wasn't bothered about getting up to nudge him awake, so I hefted a rock and brained him.
by Monk of War May 30, 2005
1. What happens when Islamist terrorists or hardline communists conquer a city, state or country;

2. A place where evil doers end up;

3. What one unleashes when seeking justice or revenge.
1. Afghanistan was a living hell under the Taliban; so was Fallujah when under the control of Iraqi insurgents and foreign jihad terrorists.

2. Osama bin Laden has an overdue reservation in hell; Hitler and Pol Pot are anxious to meet him to compare notes!

3. George W Bush unleashed avenging hell onto the 9/11 perpetrators in Afghanistan.
by Monk of War June 04, 2005
To unload napalm, usually by air strike, onto targets.
VC lunged out of the bush popping AKs from the hip... the platoon was being overrun... the LT had to nape them danger close to save his men....
by Monk of War May 29, 2005
43rd President of the USA; probably one of the few politicians in the West willing to STAND UP resolutely to the imperialistic, bloodthirsty ambitions of Islamist terrorism and its infernal advocates. On the other hand, one of the most grossly unappreciated, misunderstood, underestimated and abused figures (espcially among the pro-appeasement, anti-US, dhimmi minded Left) in the world. Fortunately, does not allow the abuse and retarded hate to get him down- believes in doing what's right, not what pleases the haters. A credit to American leadership in facing the forces of darkness, if not the perfect leader.
1. Comparing Bush to Hitler is like comparing Gandhi to Jeffrey Dahmer.

2. Comparing Bush to Bin Laden is like saying Churchill and Hitler are the same.
by Monk of War June 02, 2005

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