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Military grade marijuana developed by the U.S. government in the early 1990s. It was believed by military intelligence that the mellowing effects of this particular strand was so potent, that introducing it into the Somalian drug supply would effectively cause the guerrilla fighters to lose their motivation to fight. Unfortunately this proved ineffective, because smoking it gave the guerrillas such a powerful case of the munchies that they began raiding nearby towns to obtain snacks, violently stealing millions of dollars worth of U.N. food relief. The events of this particular conflict were chronicled in the film "Black Hawk Down."

In recent years Black Umbrella has become available on the U.S. drug market, although due to its reputation of potency it's usually avoided by anyone other than experienced stoners and dumb rich teenagers who don't know better.
Gunter: "Hey Miley, I scored some Black Umbrella! Want a toke?"

Miley: "Just give me that blunt and I'll last all night! I wish I had like, 500!"
by MongooseFarmer June 28, 2011
An unhealthy sandwich that happens to be remarkably delicious, combining multiple sweet and savory flavors for one colossally calorie-laden pleasure for your mouth. The sandwich consists of one or two hot dogs, at least two big strips of bacon, and poutine (french fries with melted cheese and gravy), served on a french-toasted baguette drizzled with delicious maple syrup. It's a sticky, fatty mess that will leave your stomach happy and your arteries in shock.

The Angry French Canadian made its debut on the Montreal-based Youtube series "Epic Mealtime," and has since gone on to become the official sandwich of Montreal, Canada. (OK, that last part is a lie, but it's only a matter of time.)
Hey, we're in Montreal and I'm starving! Let's grab some Angry French Canadians and wash 'em down with some Canadian beers!
by MongooseFarmer February 03, 2011
A phrase referring to a woman whose hotness is something more than just raw sexual desirability. What makes her sexy is not measured in base terms like "how much would you pay to bang her," but rather by whether or not she is someone you would want to engage in a long-term or permanent relationship with. Usually, a girl who is "girlfriend sexy" possesses at least some wholesome, nurturing qualities and a good sense of humor in addition to being physically attractive. She's the kind of girl who you can bring home to meet your parents, and she usually has good mom potential.

Keep in mind that this definition is fairly subjective, since what makes a girl "girlfriend sexy" will always be dependent largely on what a guy is looking for in a girlfriend. Generally though, they are considered to be more "authentic" than the average hot chick, which can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.
Guy 1: "Why are you so hung up about that chick from your art class? There are plenty of chicks in this school who are sexier than her."

Guy 2: "You just don't get it-- she's the only one who's girlfriend sexy."
by MongooseFarmer June 14, 2012
Capitalism on the consumer end-- the ability of consumers to control the quality, price, and ethical production standards of the goods that they buy through the free market system. Essentially, it is voting with your money. If enough people decide they are unhappy with a product, they can opt not to buy it, and force the company to change their policies. It is an unwritten safety net regulation that consumers in a free market can fall back on if all else fails.
Some of the more notable examples of the results of Consumocracy include dolphin-safe tuna, child-labor-free manufacturing, the growing disappearance of MSG and HFC from food products, healthier fast food menu options, and more.
by MongooseFarmer July 22, 2011
A combination of "floor" and "storage," referring to a practice used by messy people who have more stuff than they can properly put away. They store their miscellaneous belongings in boxes or heaps in the middle of the floor, because they don't have anywhere else to put them.
You have way too much stuff if you are resorting to florage. Just have a freaking tag sale and clean up your home!
by MongooseFarmer July 10, 2011
Abbreviation for "Circumcision Envy". It is a serious pathological affliction suffered mainly by American neo-hippies and White, non-Jew Europeans when they realize that they are not circumcised. Sympoms of CE include the following:

* Expressing an unbridled abhorrance towards the act of circumcision
* Writing biased, emotional entries on Urban Dictionary where useful definitions for circumcision-related terms should be, and then spamming the "thumbs up" button
* Referring to his or herself as an "intactivist" while totally missing the irony
* Joining foreskin-worshiping cults like NOCIRC and HOOP (fictional example from Arrested Development)
* Protesting outside of hospitals that perform circumcisions
* Making outrageous statements against circumcision without citing any scientific studies, and opting instead for emotional pleas, testimonials, and anecdotes
* Equating the removal of foreskins to the destruction of the clitoris in third world countries (despite the fact that the clitoris is actually the female version of the mushroom tip)
* Calling anyone who circumcises their children "barbarians"
* Assaulting mohels (even though they perform barely 1% of all circumcisions)
* Harassing circumcised men in attempts to make them just as self-conscious about their penises people with CE
* Will not shut up if anyone within an earshot says "circumcision"
Milo: Hey Joseph! Wanna go with me an Kelly to HOOP's "Thousand Foreskin March" this Saturday?
Joseph: I don't think that'll work out too well, seeing as I'm Jewish.
Milo: No way-- you mean you're CIRCUMCISED!?
Joseph: Actually, I was referring to it being on a saturday, but the anti-circimcision part is a problem for me too.
Kelly: You don't have a foreskin? Ew, you're not a whole man! Your dick can't even feel anything!
Joseph: That's just a myth started by people with CE. I have just as much sensation as anyone else, but I have more control since I can handle more stimulation.
Kelly: Wait, so you mean... You can keep it up for longer?
Joseph: Yup.
Kelly: I've had enough of these dumb protests and that shy turtle Milo calls a dick! Joseph, will you take me home and let me take a spin on your marvelous dreidel?
Joseph: Sure. Girls always love the 10% off special!
by MongooseFarmer January 31, 2011

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