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*Related to the virtual act of T-Bagging an opponent or adversary on the internet, typically in online gaming or forums.

In an attempt for a gay Brazilian to virtually T-bag (aka Nut or Nutted) and exert an undeniable disgrace, humiliation or dominance of knowledge, wisdom, experience, skill or insight over a person, group of people or situation as to make them/it akin to ones bitch, the gay Brazilian's attempt is completely inaccurate, unwarranted or incomplete whereby the act of "Nutting" is reversed upon themselves leading to an even greater effect than intended for their original target.
In the act of chastising someones spelling or grammar in a forum post...

Post: "You fucking ilitarate, you don't even know how to spel!"

Reply: "OMFG, you just Self-Nutted..."
by Money$Shot November 10, 2010
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