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Hooky - a term used mainly in London and Southern England to describe people, items or situations that are dodgy, crooked, bent or just plain below-board. Often used in conjunction with gear to describe items that are possibly stolen or otherwise "hot".
"I got this hooky dvd player from a guy down the Winchester."

"He's got a bootload of hooky D&G bags from the continent."

"Is this stuff hooky?"

"Steer clear, mate. Sounds hooky to me."
by Mondo Kane September 24, 2004
Yo-Yo: A term used to describe the sponging 10 - 14 year olds who roam around amusement arcades, accosting strangers for money. This is usually opened with the statement "Yo, yo, gimme fifty pee."
Yo-Yo's are usually sent packing with a little verbal assault (or physical assault - it's all good in this situation).
"Ah hell, Yo-Yo's at ten o'clock high."

"Yo-Yos. Just ignore 'em."
by Mondo Kane September 24, 2004
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