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Being shunned and put in a blender by society. Being the subject of intensely-adverse gossip.
She was socially-osterized by her sorrority mates for dating someone of a different race.
by Mondo Fuego May 04, 2006
A boondoggle involving polluting one geographical location with excessive use of carbon-based fuel while paying to promote clean energy in another geographical location, and claiming one offsets the other, thus yielding neutral pollution.
Al Gore rationalizes his profligate use of $30,000/year in electricity and natural gas at his home in Nashville by partially funding clean energy production in other areas, terming this a "carbon footprint offset". It is tantamount to dumping garbage on the streets of Nashville and "offsetting" it by paying for street cleanup in Seattle.
by Mondo Fuego March 01, 2007
A person who writes about pussy.
Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City" is a Gynocolumnist.
by Mondo Fuego December 11, 2006
Someone so fanatical in their ideological beliefs that they will virtually kill or seriously maim anyone or anything that disagrees with them.
Osama bin Laden is a good example of zealidiot.
by Mondo Fuego October 26, 2006
Me! Myself! Moi! I! Ego! Je!
I am Mondo Fuego, dude.
by Mondo Fuego June 01, 2007

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