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3 definitions by Moltres Rider

Similar to a regular hoarder, but a Desktop Hoarder is someone who has a ton of junk on their PC they refuse to delete
That girl has a 2 terabyte hard drive 90% full of junk she refuses to get rid of. She is a Desktop Hoarder.
by Moltres Rider December 15, 2012
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The season after winter when people start driving their Corvettes again
This snow is giving me the blues, I cannot wait until Corvette Season so I can drive my Corvette again!
by Moltres Rider February 04, 2012
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used to compare to a really bad situation that seems like you are actually in hell
24 hours without my wife is like 24 hours in Actual Hell
by Moltres Rider June 13, 2012
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