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3 definitions by MollyFlogger

The act of becoming so drunk that you start speaking in the third person and obsessing over a woman or object(aka. the precious).
Max: "We deserve the pussyyyyyy! Why don't we get the Pussy?"*in drunken slur whilst rolling on ground*

RJ: " Dude stop being a party gollum"
by MollyFlogger March 06, 2011
3 1
When you consume 100 beers in 72 hours. For people who aren't man enough to join the 100 Hour Club. No real group but something to brag about to people who admire feats of alcoholism.
Dude, did you hear I joined the 100 beer club? Really dude your a damn hardcore drinker!
by MollyFlogger February 18, 2011
8 7
The most extreme feat of drinking! 100 straight hours of drinking as much as you can without any sleep. You are not allowed to use any drugs. Only weed, spice, caffeine, and tobacco products are allowed as drugs. You must have accomplished this while in a drinking competition with someone so there are viable sources such as those who were competing against you to join. There is a real group on facebook but you must get a verification from someone who has already joined!
Dude Johnny just hit 100 freaking hours of drinking non-stop. OHHH SHIITTTTE! He just hit the 100 Hour Club! Tell him to join the face book group!
by MollyFlogger February 18, 2011
4 12