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Possibly the greatest word in existence. EVER.
May be used in any, and I mean ANY, situation, speech or sentence. All at once it is an adjective, verb, noun and anything else you can think of. It can be used as a compliment and an insult at the same time, and depending on the usage, may have varying levels of seriousness.

May have been derived from Doyoh and has relations to Doi or Doy.
Pronounced so as to rhyme with “toy and oh e.g. toyoh” not as in “do yo e.g. doh yoh”

Doyo is the arch nemesis and opposite of Hiya. Specifically this definition of hiya:

"A battlecry a ninja yells when the ninja is ready to attack.
Before I attacked the ninja he yelled "Hiya",but I wasn't scared."

Doyo is commonly said just before an attack or used to confuse an opponent. Doyo may also be inserted into songs at strategic points in the lyrics for a comedy affect.

History of the word may often be traced back to this:
/watch?v=Uor-ugwdXTw (Youtube)

Warning: Saying this word may induce multiple wordgasms
"Hey man. How you goin'?" -Steve
"Oh. You know, pretty average. Work is hard. My boss is such a doyo." -Frank

"Hey. Do you want to go see a movie?" -Guy#1
"I'm feeling fat and sassy" -Guy#2
"DOYO!" -Guy#1
"HIYA!" -Guy#2
by Molemanmike June 30, 2011

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