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3 definitions by MoldySpore

(1) Something that Betty (Master Pain), from the movie Kung Pow: Fists of Fury, uses to stop the Chosen One. It is a small net made of rope, just big enough to fit over a persons head.
(2) A death sentence
(3) Sure-fire way to stop your enemy in a fight.
(4) A net, that is tiny.
Subordinate: "Betty, that tiny net was sure-fire!"
Master Pain: "Yes...the Tiny Net is a death sentence...you see it is a NET, and it is TINY. Ha, HA. Ha, HA!"
by MoldySpore June 25, 2008
"Jew Sauce" is usually used in conjunction with a situation or a thing. Something that is covered in "Jew Sauce" is usually extremely Jewish. It can also be used as a substitute for "awesome" things. This phrase also associates itself with Jew Cream, helping to exclaim excitement over getting a bangin' bag, picking up a bangin' girl, or a bangin' job.
"Oh my god, this homework is smothered in Jew sauce"

"This bitch was smothered in Jew sauce"

"That synagogue is full of Jew sauce"
by MoldySpore June 25, 2008
Basically, a "Jewish Guru". The highest status of the urban, unorthodox Jewish community. One who is a "Jewru" does all things Jew and benefits tremendously because of it. A Jewru is an expert at life using Jewish tactics (haggling, food, lifestyle) and general Jewish awesomeness. Jewru's are known for being tied with Jew Sauce and/or Jew Cream, although not always.
"That guy just bought a new house and new business, he must be some sort of Jewru!"

"He talked that guy down from $100 to $50! He is the sickest Jewru ever!"

"That guy has it all, he is a Jewru."

"Israel's air force is straight Jewru."
by MoldySpore July 10, 2008