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3 definitions by Mojotronica

Something that one might mistake for irony, but is actually not. Typically, a predictable worst-case scenario come to fruition. Named after Alanis Morrissette, who's song "Ironic" uses examples of "irony" that are not ironic -- e.g. rain on your wedding day.
Wow 10,000 spoons and all you need is a knife? That's ironic! No it's not -- it's alanic.
by Mojotronica July 15, 2004
A person who doesn't give much to others on an emotional level. He or she may be socially adept and charming and quite generous in other ways, but not when it comes to investing love and trust and friendship in fellow human beings. It could be a form of self-defense or it could be a kind of selfishness, or both. The pop cultural consensus is that emotional misers are missing out on the essential human experience by their disconnection. A common story arc features an emotional miser's transformation into a loving, connected, happier person -- often against his or her own will.
Ryan Bingham (George Clooney's character in Up in the Air) and Will Freeman (Hugh Grant's character in About a Boy) are examples of emotional misers in film and literature.
by Mojotronica January 08, 2010
An abbreviation for Best Available Player According to Yahoo (or Best Available Player At Yahoo.)

Yahoo's fantasy sports include a list of players to aid owners in drafting, and their ranking is the "default" value for players in these leagues. BAPAY is the player currently at the top of the list.

For instance Albert Pujols is the 2010 "BAPAY" in fantasy baseball, the Best Available Player According to Yahoo in leagues just prior to their draft. When Albert Pujols is claimed Hanley Ramirez, listed at #2, becomes the new BAPAY.

When an owner is absent for part or all of his draft, his team may be built with BAPAY players by default. This is often perceived as being a significant disadvantage.
"Ah man, I just got BAPAY'd Manny Ramirez! Why didn't you guys wait for me?"
by Mojotronica February 17, 2010