32 definitions by Mohit Hira

A weekday that results in very poor business for cinema halls, pubs etc who then end up waiting for more customers on weekends.
Last Wednesday was a weakday because there were only seven people in the movie hall watching the latest Potter film.
by Mohit Hira November 24, 2010
An unexpected heat wave that assaults a city and renders its people helpless.
Delhi was chugging along fine, waiting for the rains, when a summersault hit it with temperatures crossing 111 Fahrenheit.
by Mohit Hira June 28, 2009
A wife who loses her husband's attention and love to the more seductive Internet.
After Jack began spending more time on status updates and tweets, his wife realized she'd become a webmistress.
by Mohit Hira February 08, 2010
Wives/girlfriends of recently-orphaned Lehman Brothers executives who bond to share their collective, unexpected fall down the socio-economic ladder.
Amande and Jane are now the Lehman Sisters 'cause the Devil took away their Prada when their boyfriends lost their jobs on Wall Street.
by Mohit Hira October 22, 2008
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