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32 definitions by Mohit Hira

The flirtatious exploits of a modern-day Casanova captured in a biographical genre.
Given his prowess at seducing ladies and his many nocturnal escapades, the viagraphy of Jack looked like it would be a bestseller.
by Mohit Hira February 13, 2011
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A celebrity who becomes hell for his brand sponsors after controversy affects his reputation.
Tiger Woods may become a hellebrity for almost all his sponsors after his wife's beaten him.
by Mohit Hira December 13, 2009
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A combination of Bloody and Bugger (as in wicked, not sexual) uttered while speaking really fast or in rage.
The blugger took me for a ride and duped me!
by Mohit Hira September 22, 2009
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verb; describes the act of frittering away valuable time between Facebook and Twitter by posting status updates or tweets on both.
With a status update and a tweet every five minutes, he spent all of Friday afternoon, fwittering away time, instead of completing his project.
by Mohit Hira April 26, 2009
5 1
The feeling of utter dismay when great expectations lead to absolutely nothing.
After all the hype and expense on the Climate Summit, the end result was No-hope-in-hagen.
by Mohit Hira December 18, 2009
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A peaceful, digital-driven revolution by the youth of a country in protest against dictators who suppress democracy.
Encouraged by Tweets, thousands of college students joined the youthquake in Egypt.
by Mohit Hira March 09, 2011
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A publicly-visible romantic message, sent on a social network, that can make the recipient blush.
To continually remind her of his feelings towards her, he added one love byte a day on her Facebook wall.
by Mohit Hira October 24, 2010
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